Throw a Touchdown-Worthy Tailgate

Score Our Best Tips, Tricks & Advice for Tailgating

For avid football fans, tailgating is a fun way to get fired up before a game. But for grill masters, it’s more than that. Tailgating is a game in itself.

If you want to win over everyone’s taste buds this tailgating season, turn to Peachtree Comfort Gallery—the go-to store for buying gas grills in Gwinnett County, GA. In addition to our diverse menu of top-of-the-line cookers, we’re also Hall-of-Famers when it comes to tailgating.

Here are some game-changing tips, tricks and advice we’ve learned over the years.

Add Food Prep to Your Pre-Game Ritual

Once your grill lid is lifted, it’s game time. If you want to have a “grate” performance, you better be warmed up and ready to go before tailgate kick-off.

At Peachtree, we recommend you pre-game the night before by completing as much food preparation as possible, such as:

  • Skewer and marinate kebabs.
  • Shape and pack up burger patties between sheets of wax paper.
  • Slice cheese, tomatoes, onions and lettuce. Pack them in tin foil.
  • Prepare different types of salads.
  • Assemble finger foods, including sandwiches, veggies and sliced fruit.

Avoid Flagrant Fouls by Packing Your Cooler Properly

At the line of scrimmage, every player has a designated position. This is true for items in your cooler, too. Here is the proper lineup:

  1. First, ensure your cooler is cool and clean.
  2. Before you begin packing, make sure to chill adult beverages and perishable food items. This will help keep things cooler and prevent ice from melting as fast.
  3. Place cans and bottles on the bottom of your cooler. Follow this with a layer of ice on top, making sure some ice falls between crevices.
  4. Now add food items that have been stored in watertight, reusable containers. Add another layer of ice.
  5. Place any bagged items at the very top.
  6. Fill any remaining space with ice, ensuring the cooler is full so that no warm air can sneak inside.

You can freeze water bottles and use them as an alternative for a layer of ice. This, in turn, reduces the amount of melted ice in your cooler, protecting your food from getting wet. Plus, once the frozen water bottle melts, you’re left with ice-cold water to drink. Now that’s a win-win!

Catch the Best Grilling Tips

A quarterback is the most important player on the offensive line. Without a QB, a team can’t run offensive plays.

When it comes to your tailgate, your grill is the quarterback. Having the right one on your team will give you the best advantage to score with delicious food. From size to fuel type, our team at Peachtree Comfort Gallery can help you draft the grill that will lead your tailgate toward victory.

Here are some tips that will help prevent sacks during your tailgate:

  • Bring backup fuel. From extra charcoal or a spare gas tank, it’s better to have fuel on hand so you don’t run out when there’s still food left to cook.
  • Inspect your grill beforehand. Taking a couple of minutes to thoroughly inspect, clean and test fire your grill allows you to find any holes in your game plan and prevent a loss.
  • Gather your grilling equipment. Ensure you have all of the essential cooking tools you need to grill, such as a spatula, tongs, basting brush, meat thermometer, etc.

To prevent injuries, it’s important for quarterbacks to perform postgame stretches. After your tailgate is over, make sure your grill cools down, too. You’ll want to:

  • Double-check that you extinguished your grill properly, ensuring it is cool to the touch before packing it back in your car.
  • Empty spent charcoal ashes and still-glowing coals into a metal container.
  • Store the grill’s gas tank in your car in a secure, upright position.

Tackle Tailgating Season With Our Help

Our team at Peachtree Comfort Gallery is here to coach you toward a victorious tailgating season.

But that’s not all. From purchasing a new grill for your tailgate to buying barbeque in Gwinnett County, GA, for your home, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to your coaches at Peachtree helping you with your outdoor cooker needs. To speak to one of our professionals right now, fill out our online form or call us at 678.541.6776!