Maintaining a Gas Log Fireplace

Gas log fireplaces are cleaner and easier to maintain than wood burning fireplaces. Properly inspecting and maintaining your gas log fireplace, though, creates a safer, more efficient fireplace while also possibly saving you money.

Gas log fireplaces are safe to use, but through consistent maintenance and care, the safety standards of the insert are preserved. The efficiency of your gas log fireplace is important for saving money and providing warmth to your home. If any issues or cleaning remains unresolved for a period of time, it could lead to a breakdown in the system and safety of the gas log fireplace, warranting a full replacement of the insert.

Typically, maintenance is only needed once a year by cleaning, checking the ventilation, and checking for damaged logs. You can easily complete these procedures yourself before the season to use the fireplace begins. Before doing any maintenance yourself, turn off the gas valve and pilot light.

First, vacuum out any debris being careful not to knock or break any of the logs. Use a soft brush to clean any debris off of the logs. Use water and a cloth to clean the burner, control compartment, appliance door, and logs. Use glass cleaner on any glass parts. Do not use any abrasive cleaners.

Check the ventilation, combustion vents, and chimney draw for any debris, bird’s nests, or dust buildup once a year before using the fireplace. Use a flash light to help you see into some of the tight spaces. Check the fan to ensure it is in working order.

Damaged Areas
With the flashlight, check for corrosion or rust on any of the parts in your gas log fireplace. Also check for other damaged areas such as the fan, the door, gaskets, and logs. Make sure the logs are secure to prevent carbon build-up.

Yearly maintenance on your gas log fireplace will prevent any issues down the road that may require you to replace the entire insert, costing you more money. As well, you will have a more efficient fireplace that is safe to use. You can do most of the maintenance, but it is a good idea to periodically call in a professional to diagnose any potential problems and give it a thorough cleaning and maintenance check.