And Then They Lived Comfortably Ever After

Fall in Love With a Fireplace’s Charming Qualities

Forget the reservations and the fancy outfits. This year, you can heat up your Valentine’s Day—literally—without leaving your home.

At Peachtree Comfort Gallery, our fireplace repair company in Fulton County, GA, has the resources you need to turn your living room, bedroom or the room of your choice into the most romantic area of your home.

So grab your pajamas, a comfy blanket and a bottle of wine to rekindle the passion of love during the most romantic Valentine’s Day yet.

Your Perfect Match Awaits

From the comforting sound of crackling logs to the captivating sight of its flames flickering in front of you, there’s no denying a fireplace’s enchantment. But choosing between countless styles and types can leave you with cold feet. That’s why you need Peachtree’s team on your side. From a gas fireplace to a wood-burning stove, our professionals will help you make sure you’re committing to “the one.”

Come visit our showroom to see your options firsthand. But first, let’s set the mood.

Is a Wood-Burning Stove or Fireplace the One?

Wood-burning fireplaces and stoves are devoted hearth solutions. In fact, they’ve been firing up warmer spaces for centuries. But beyond their ability to withstand the test of time, wood-burning stoves and fireplaces will have you falling for them quickly. Here’s why:

You get dream-come-true reliability.

Nothing can stop a wood-burning fireplace or stove from burning—except no wood, of course. But that’s beside the point. You see, what’s so special about this hearth solution is that it doesn’t need electricity to operate. This means you and your fireplace don’t have to break up if the power goes out. Instead, you’ll continue basking in its warmth. No power, no problem.

You’ll go gaga over the atmosphere.

From the peaceful glow to the comforting sound to the pleasant smell, you can’t fake or replace a real fire’s ambience.

You’ll swoon over the savings.

With a wood-burning stove, you can turn down your furnace or other heating system’s thermostat to keep unoccupied rooms cooler, while you stay toasty warm. In fact, simply lowering your thermostat one degree for 24 hours yields a 3 percent savings on your energy bill each month. This means you can stay as snug as you’d like without burning up your budget.

No one’s perfect—and no hearth units are either. With that being said, a wood-burning fireplace’s heat loss is a cold reality. In fact, up to 90 percent of the heat an open fireplace produces is lost up the chimney. Luckily, this is where a wood-burning stove stands out. When compared to a fireplace, a wood-burning stove provides up to three times as much heat with 1/3 of the firewood.

Keep in mind, from finding the wood-burning stove that’s the one for your Fulton County home to keeping your unit’s flame alive with essential fireplace service in Buford, GA, Peachtree Comfort Gallery is the quintessential fireplace company to turn to for all of your hearth needs.

Is a Gas Fireplace Made for Your Home?

If you’re searching for a lasting relationship, look no further. You see, since gas fireplaces are installed directly into the structure of your home, they eliminate the need for an open chimney and the drafts that come with it. This, in turn, sparks a warmer and more energy-efficient home.

But don’t think the absence of wood extinguishes the ambience of a real fire. In fact, gas fireplaces radiate the same inviting glow that a wood-burning fireplace does. However, it eliminates the hassle of hauling and splitting wood and the mess that’s left behind. Now that’s a quality you can fall for—as are these:

When you say, “Let there be fire,” there’s fire.

Say goodbye to the hassle of fire preparation. Gas fireplaces deliver immediate heat—and they do so seamlessly. In fact, all it takes to ignite the coziness you crave is the push of a button or the flip of switch.

Your fireplace and your savings are a match made in heaven.

Constantly operating your central heating system during the winter can get pricey. But with a gas fireplace, you can practice zone heating. This means you can turn your central system’s thermostat down and allow your fireplace to keep your space cozy. Plus, because this unit is installed directly into your home, there’s no air drifting in or out of a chimney. This energy efficiency will significantly lower your heating bills.

Your home will meet its perfect design match.

With a vast selection of different designs to choose from, gas fireplaces allow you to customize your unit’s appearance to match your home décor and your personal style. This unique feature will add value to your home and improve the ambience at the same time.

Let a Fireplace Capture the Heart of Your Home—Your Comfort

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