Grill Smarter, Not Harder

Take Your Grilling Game Up a Notch With These Tips!

We are so thankful that you put your trust in us when it comes to buying a gas grill in Buford, GA. To show our gratitude, we invite you to come join us for food, fun and great discounts at this year’s Customer Appreciation Day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24.

Here’s a taste for what you can expect:

  • BBQ lunch
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  • Big Green Egg cooking demo
  • Bouncy house for kids

Plus, we’ll be hosting a blood drive at this year’s event. To thank you for your participation, we’ll provide each donor with a free plate of delicious BBQ. If you’re interested in donating blood, please contact Karis Lupo to reserve a time slot. Call her at 678-541-6776 or email before Aug. 24.

In the meantime, check out these five quick tips that will have a major impact on your grilling game.

Leave the Meat Alone!

Do you have a difficult time getting meat to cook evenly? If so, are you keeping your steak or chop in the same spot? Or, are you continuously flipping it?

Flipping a cut too often prevents it from cooking evenly and puts you at risk of shaking off the seasoning. However, keeping meat over the same spot allows for uniform cooking. It also saves you time, energy and preserves your food’s flavor.

’Acid’ What You Did There!

Grilling is about cooking hot and fast, not low and slow. Here’s a trick to help meat cook faster: Add acid from vinegar or citrus juice to the marinade. Using the ratio of ¼ cup acid to ¾ cup oil will help break down the meat’s muscle and significantly speed up your cooking time. 

Gear up for Better Grilling

Even the most skilled outdoor chef relies on grilling accessories for help. The trick isn’t just making sure you’re equipped with the right tools. It’s also making sure you’re using each tool correctly. Following these two rules will elevate your grilling game effortlessly.

Because grill masters are only as good as their tools, here are a few weapons to add to your arsenal:

  • Meat thermometer: Don’t “eye” your meat to check if it’s done. This can put you at risk of consuming food that’s unsafe. Instead, use a meat thermometer to ensure meat is cooked thoroughly.
  • Tongs: Stop using a fork to flip meat. Every time you stab meat, it loses delicious flavor. Use tongs instead.
  • Grill cover: Certify your outdoor cooker sticks with you for years to come with a grill cover. Through rain, sleet and more, a grill cover will protect your cooker from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Practice Patience Post Grilling

Patience is a virtue. It’s also a super effective tool for juicier food. As tempting as it may be to dig into fresh-off-the-grill meat, restrain yourself. Let meat sit for 10 minutes. As torturous as it may seem, waiting for 10 minutes allows the juices to reabsorb into the meat, leading to more juice in every bite (rather than on the cutting board).

Clean Your Grill

If you want your grill to remain a lean, mean cooking machine, then you need to keep it clean. Not only will doing so lead to tastier food, it will also spark a longer lifespan.

Keep in mind: Heat makes it easier for you to remove grease, food and anything else that may be stuck to your cooker’s grates. So, clean your grill once it’s heated up and while it’s cooling down.

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To learn more about how we can help you improve your grilling game, come visit our showroom, fill out our online form or call us at 678.439.6732 today!