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Glass – Contemporary Alternatives


Geo-shapes add distinctive and dimensional architectural accents to any hearth. Numerous shapes – Geo Dome, Geo Diamond, Geo Tetra – as well as pyramids, cyclinders, cones, obelisks, and spheres are available. Geo-Shapes are available in ivory, slate or terracotta colors. Mix and match them to create your own artistic fire.



river-rocksRiver Rocks

River Rocks give a new contemporary look to your fireplace. Add colored glass to present an even more dramatic look. River Rocks are made from high-heat resistant ceramics. River Rocks are smooth as if pulled from a river bed. They are available in random natural colors.

The Glass-Fyre System

The Glass-Fyre System brings a contemporary touch to any decor. This burner system is easy to assemble and install, and is environmentally safe. Specially formulated tempered and tumbled glass is safe to handle since it has no sharp edges.

Enjoy Glass-Fyre’s glittering brilliance for a lifetime. Glass-Fyre is OMNI listed to the IAS Requirement 4-96.

Available for use with Natural or Propane gas. Colors available include Clear, Black, Emerald, Bronze and Sapphire. Try mixing colors in combination or create a design customized to your own fireplace or outdoor pit.