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Wood Stove Inserts

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buy wood stove inserts gwinnett county gaIf you currently have a traditional wood-burning fireplace and you’re looking to upgrade to a more energy- and cost-efficient solution, Peachtree Comfort Gallery has the answer for you. Rather than dealing with the hassle of removing your fireplace or hunting for a new spot in your home to add a free-standing stove, you can insert a new unit into your old firebox. Yes, that’s right. With our first-class wood stove inserts and dependable fireplace installation and repair services, it’s that easy to transform your traditional and timeless wood-burning fireplace into a significantly more efficient heating system.

Today’s beautiful, yet powerful wood stove inserts and gas stove inserts for sale in Gwinnett County, GA, allow you to upgrade the functionality and appearance of your fireplace at the same time. But that’s not all. There are a plethora of other advantages to upgrading.

Here are some of the most appealing reasons why our comfort specialists urge you to buy a wood stove insert in Gwinnett County, GA.

Roaring Efficiency

A wood-burning insert is essentially a wood stove without legs. This hearth insert slides directly into your existing firebox where it functions like a real wood-burning fireplace—but in a more efficient manner. You see, when a fire is burning in an open fireplace, the majority of the heat escapes up the chimney. However, with a wood stove insert, the fire burns in an enclosed space. This, in turn, converts your existing fireplace into an energy-efficient powerhouse that sends more heat where you need it—into your home.

The Next Generation of Fire

For centuries, wood-burning fireplaces kept people warm during the chilly winter months. Well, an insert is a modernized twist on this classic hearth solution. It allows you to retain the ambience you crave but with a design that fits today’s technology-driven world seamlessly. However, from its fuel source to the heat it produces, everything about a wood-burning insert is still just as real as a traditional fireplace. But even better, an insert puts the wood it’s burning to maximum use, running hours longer before more wood is needed.

Warmth You Can Count On

Fireplaces have a reputation for being a dependable heating source—so wood inserts, too, provide reliable comfort. In fact, even when the power goes out, you can count on a wood stove insert or gas log insert to continue keeping you toasty warm.

With Us, You’re in Safe Hands

At Peachtree, we not only offer top-of-the-line hearth brands and the full spectrum of fireplace supplies, but we perform flawless unit installations and repairs, too. So, when it comes to adding a wood stove insert to your home, you can count on our experts to proficiently and securely install your unit into either a masonry or prefab fireplace and keep this new unit in peak condition for years to come.

Keep in mind that we need to take extra safety precautions when we install into a prefab fireplace. You see, since a wood insert can’t come into close contact with any combustible materials such as carpet or wood, we pay close attention to clearances to ensure we perform a proficient but, most importantly, safe installation. Even more, in order to add an insert, your chimney must be relined with stainless steel. This ensures that it can withstand the higher heating temperatures that wood inserts produce.

Your safety is always our priority. So to ensure your home is equipped to operate a wood insert, our team will perform a professional site inspection. If we find it’s not safe to install a wood insert in your home, we won’t just give up on your dream. Instead, we’ll formulate a Plan B. Whether that means rebuilding your fireplace or installing a gas insert, we will find a way to make your space warmer and more energy efficient.

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Say goodbye to knocking on wood and taking chances with the ambience and comfort you crave. Instead, use the wood to guarantee your comfort. To get started, fill out our online form, visit our showroom or call us at 678-439-6732 today!