Are You Facing Grilling Problems?

Here’s How to Avoid Four Common Issues

Grilling season has arrived! Is your grill ready to seize the “filet”?

Our hearth and fireplace store in Atlanta, GA, is committed to making this grilling season the tastiest one yet! To start, here are four grilling problems and how you can avoid them.

1. There’s Peeling Paint on the Inside of My Grill Lid!

If you’re guilty of not cleaning the inside of your lid, it may appear as if the paint is peeling. But it’s probably not. What you see is grease and smoke deposits that have collected over time. Although these carbon deposits are nontoxic, they may start to flake off or peel if they’re not removed. And this is definitely not how you want to season your food. Plus, grease buildup is a major fire hazard. So, to keep you and your taste buds safe, it’s important to regularly remove the buildup.

Here’s how: Before you start grilling, use a brass or stainless steel brush to remove loose particles. Working in a back and forth motion, clean away as much of the deposit buildup as you can. This should eliminate the vast majority of gunk. If you need a little more elbow grease (See what we did there?), try a putty knife, followed up with a wad of tinfoil. To prevent future buildup, wipe the grill lid with paper towels or a mild soap and water solution after every grilling session. Make sure the grill lid is still warm.

2. My Grill Is Rusting!

Warning: It’s not OK to consume rust! A rusting grill isn’t safe to use because rust may stick to the food. Repeated consumption of rust affects your intestinal tract and can be harmful to your health.

If there is minor surface rust on your grill’s grates, you can continue using it after cleaning and treating the grates. However, if there is significant rust on the grill itself, it’s time to buy a new gas grill in Buford, GA, or wherever you call home.

You can protect your grill against rust by:

  • Keeping your grill covered with a waterproof cover
  • Performing regular cleaning of your grill’s interior
  • Storing your grill inside your garage or other protected space

3. The Outside of My Grill Is Damaged!

From heat to rainstorms, outdoor cookers are exposed to the elements—which takes a toll on their exteriors. If you start to see flaking paint or holes in your grill, it means your grill could be nearing its end. You should consider buying a new grill sooner rather than later. Flaking paint can lead to rust, which leads to corrosion. Eventually, corrosion will cause stability issues for your grill—a sign you need a new grill right away.

4. My Grill Is Making This Noise…

When you think of grilling, the senses that come to mind immediately are taste and smell. However, sound is important, too. If you hear these sounds, it means there’s a problem with your grill:

  • Humming—This could be caused by liquid propane passing through the regulator. There are several ways to resolve this issue, such as “bleeding” the tank of propane or replacing the hose or regulator. If you hear humming, contact our team at Peachtree. Our experts will identify the proper fix.
  • Whistling—If this occurs when your grill is on the “high” setting, it’s most likely a problem with your grill’s orifice—which regulates its gas flow. You need a replacement and Peachtree can help.

Peachtree Delivers Grillin’ Good Service

At Peachtree Comfort Gallery, we provide all of the outdoor cooker services you need for a tasty grilling season. To take advantage of our services or to learn more about how you can avoid other grill problems, fill out our online form or call us at 678.439.6732 today!